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Psychic Readings from Elk Grove Village, Illinois

Village Psychic & Counseling, in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, specializes in providing psychic readings and spiritual guidance. With more than 40 years of experience in this field, you can count on us to give you the insight and advice you need.
We go through many channels in order to find the proper solutions for your problems. We have been gifted and blessed from the heavens above with powers, and will not only help you with your problems, but teach you how to reach your goals through a wide range of psychic services.
These include:
• Energy Balancing
• Psychic Color Healing Readings
• Spiritual Guidance
• Angels Revealed

• Twin Flame Intentions
• Soul Mate Readings
• Aura Readings
• Karma Cleansing

Accurate & Honest Readings

Receive valuable advice about your problems such as home, life, health, alcoholism and loved ones, etc.. We read palms, faces, and tarot cards.

If you are lost, insecure, or facing difficult problems that seem too big to overcome, we can help you. We can help you remove the obstacles that stand in your way.

As my power is a gift from the heavens above I have great respect for my power and do not abuse it. Nor will i say only what one would like to hear, but! I will tell you the truth. You will feel the power and see my results immediately, if I can't help you I will not lead you on. I have many years of Wisdom & knowledge in my field of work. My powers has never failed me and I will not fail you.


Are You Facing Difficult Problems?

Do you find it hard to make decisions? Have you lost your self-esteem? Do you feel insecure? Are these critical times slowing you down...feel emotionally drained? Do you feel obstacles blocking you from reaching your goals...fear of losing your mate...having family troubles...stressed out due to your work? Can't get back in to life? Do you feel left out, or like you just don't belong, or even care anymore?

In our lives we cross many paths, and along the way we cross our paths through passages unknown to us, that lead us to forces that can turn us away from light and into dark. This is known as dark forces. These forces can change our lives into turmoil. Everything that could go wrong, does go wrong.

The solution is very clear. The power to change one's life is within his or herself.

During the first session with me, you'll know I have the power to  help you no matter what your problems...whether it's love, marriage, financial, business, addiction to drugs or alcohol, or health problems that doctors can't seem to find...I CAN and WILL help you.

I have been gifted and blessed from the heavens above with the power and all sources in our universe. I will not only help you with your problems but teach you how to reach your goals through Energy Balancing, Psychic Color Healing Readings, Spiritual Guidance, & Angels Revealed. I can show you how to discover your Life's Purpose, Twin Flame Intentions, Soul Mate, Aura, Karma Cleansing. Through my power, you'll know that I am all you need to help you achieve your goals and keep them. We all have powers. Learn to use them. Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls. What seems to be incurable means curable from within.


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We are available for parties, corporate events, banquets, weddings, and other special occasions.

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